Connecting Nicaragua's Finest Coffees With Quality-Driven Roasters Around the World.

We know not all coffee roasters are the same. Your business has a unique concept and we adapt our services
to offer you the solution that best fits your needs. We want you to get the best experience, so we take care of every
detail, from sourcing the coffee to creating the perfect blend just for you.


We source directly at the farm level with each one of our green coffee suppliers, allowing us to carefully select coffees with a focus on bespoke processing methods such as honey, natural, and washed with monitored fermentation that produces distinctive and high-quality cup profiles.


We connect quality-driven roasters around the world with a curated selection of green coffees. We handle the coffee every step of the way, from the farm to your hands, to ensure the coffee will be available for you whenever you need it.


Whether you need help identifying the right coffee for your shop or creating a unique blend for your brand, we are here to help you. Our coffee offerings include award-winning coffees, organic and sustainable certified coffees, bespoke processing methods and much more.

More than just a coffee supplier

When we find outstanding coffees we know our clients will like, we work to build a lasting relationship with that producer in order to establish a reliable supply chain for the future.

Our coffees are a reflection of the work we do with every one of our coffee producers at the farm level. When you purchase from us, you pay for better quality, transparency, social, and environmental sustainability.

Our work starts at origin, but it doesn’t stop there. We have a great team in charge of cupping and analyzing every coffee we source before and after it has been shipped so we can guarantee you are receiving nothing but the best.

Understanding your roasting needs is what matters most to us. The direct relationship we have with coffee producers at origin allows us to offer you specific taste profiles and quality grades according to your needs and preferences.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get direct access to high-quality grades and micro-lots coffees from Nicaragua.
  • You get the origin story with full traceability and direct impact in local communities.
  • You ensure a stable supply of high-quality coffee for the future.
  • You get access to a team of industry experts working side by side with you and the coffee producer, so we can guarantee time consistency in the quality of the green coffee.
  • You get a service tailored to your needs.

Our Offerings

El Real

The coffees that make up El Real Series are an array of unique and extraordinary flavors exotic to the palate, a celebration of the best coffees produced in Nicaragua. Expect the unexpected and expect to be surprised!

El Volcan

Grown under unique climate conditions, the coffees that make up EL Volcan have a unique flavor profile composed of big bold flavors, juicy fruit notes, and an everlasting sweet finish.


Sacuanjoche coffees are distinguished by its floral and fruity notes. Floral notes include lavender, rose, hibiscus, elderflower, chamomile, cherry blossom, bergamot, and jasmine. Fruity notes include citrus, stone fruits, and tropical fruits.

La Union

Distinguished by a harmonious balance of sweetness, acidity, body, and finish. La Union coffees are coffees that have all the attributes present contributing to making the perfectly balanced cup.




FOLLOW UP FIELD TRIPOn July 26th, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with one group of our suppliers of specialty green coffee in Nueva Segovia, in order to follow up the advance of the agricultural activities of the season 19/20 Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis...

Financing project for the season 2019-2020

Financing project for the season 2019-2020

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