About Us

Maku Coffee is a family-owned and operated exporting company with over 40 years of combined experience in the coffee industry. We work directly with the coffee producers at the origin to achieve sustainability and prosperity, allowing us to offer the best of Nicaragua for green coffee options.

Maku embodies the family-like culture of the coffee farms, facilitating what we call “relationship coffee”. When we find producers or communities we like, we work to build a lasting relationship with them in order to establish a reliable supply chain for the future, away from the unpredictability of the commodity market.

Connecting Coffee. Connecting People

We believe that every coffee bean tells a story. Our green coffee talks about our people, our culture, our passion, and our dreams of a better future for our community. Our commitment to finding the most exquisite beans goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of the third wave coffee movement. We aim to connect the coffees from Nicaragua with importers, traders, brokers, and roasters around the world.

We not only want to become your green coffee suppliers. We also want to become your partners at origin.

Management team:

Salvador Rodríguez E.

CEO and Founder

Annie Rodríguez E

Commercial & Marketing

Marbely García

Quality Control

Carlos Sáenz

Operations & Logistics