The following lists contain information about the Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in one of the warehouses in North America where we store coffee. Unless otherwise specified as Afloat, all coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis. If you are interested in any of our Green Coffee Spot Offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us for samples and pricing. For Afloat offerings, one of our sales team members will be happy to talk with you and provide further information on landed availability. We endeavor to keep the lists current with regards to cup quality information, quantities, price, and availability. However, do note that availability for each coffee is subject to change without previous notice.


    1. Presidential (87+): The pinnacle of the pyramid, the finest coffees from Nueva Segovia, single farmer micro or nano-lots of the highest quality, proudly sold under the name of the producer or private coffee estate.
    2. AAA (86-86.75): Coffees with a high level of complexity and acidity, best for describing the sublime of a single origin profile.
    3. AA (85-85.75): The “perfect” single origin; a coffee that showcases the terroir of every microregion without breaking the budget. Very clean, balanced, with good complexity, acidity and character.
    4. A (84-84.75): Suitable for blending or as a single-origin espresso. Clean, mild complexity and sweetness and very consistent from batch-to-batch.
    5. Ready to Blend: A consistent coffee designed to act as a perfect blend component, clean, sweet but simple.