Our Coffees


We believe that every coffee bean tells a story. Our green coffee talks about our people, culture, passion, and dreams of a better future for our community. Our commitment to finding the most exquisite beans goes beyond meeting the discerning expectations of the third-wave coffee movement. We aim to connect the coffees from Nicaragua with importers, traders, brokers, and roasters around the world.

We not only want to become your green coffee suppliers. We also want to become your partners at origin.


Maku Coffee Sociedad Anonima is a family-owned and operated business that has a supply chain made up of more than 400 small coffee producers, 7 purchasing centers, and more than 300 small producers certified under the Rainforest Alliance, and Cafe Practices seals.

We believe in the shared responsibility of contributing to improving the social, economic, and environmental scopes at the farm level, which is expressed in a better quality of life for the producing families that constitute the coffee communities of Nicaragua and the world. For a coffee community to flourish, the ecosystem conservation effort must be accompanied by its commercial partners (exporters, traders, importers, and roasters). Without their participation, the producer families cannot take full advantage of the economic benefits of the coffee business.

At Maku Coffee S.A., we want to connect our coffee with commercial partners willing to collaborate directly in developing and implementing projects that benefit the coffee-growing communities at the origin.