The following lists contain information about the Green Coffee Offerings that we have available in warehouses in the U.S. All coffees are available immediately for sale on a SPOT basis.

If you are interested in any of our Green Coffee Spot Offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us for samples and pricing.


    1. El Real Series (87-100): The coffees that make up our El Real coffees are extremely small lots of experimental quality beans that we have secured in rather limited volumes. We taste dozens of samples before selecting which to offer. Each coffee tells a particular story that reflects the care and attention taken in its cultivation. These are coffees really worth celebrating. We offer our customers a unique experience that is on a limited basis.
    2. Specialty AAA (88-92): Coffees with a high level of complexity and acidity, best for describing the sublime of a single origin profile.
    3. Specialty AA (85-87): The “perfect” single-origin coffee that showcases the terroir of every microregion. Very clean, balanced, with good complexity, acidity and character. This coffee will demonstrate a minimum of two significantly positive characteristics and will typically be among the best examples of their country of origin. These coffees are completely clean and free of distraction, with significant complexity and distinctive flavor characteristics.
    4. Specialty A (80-84): Suitable for blending or as a single-origin espresso. Clean, mild complexity and sweetness and very consistent from batch-to-batch. This coffee demonstrates at least one significantly positive characteristic and is free of distraction by negative characteristics. This coffee will demonstrate sweetness, acidity, and clarity. These coffees are of sufficient caliber for blending and may be acceptable for Single Origin coffees depending on factors such as terroir, inventory, and age.