Why Buy From Us


Our approach to sourcing starts with the coffee itself. Our team sources the best coffees from Nueva Segovia, Madriz, Jinotega, and Matagalpa (Nicaragua), with a focus on processing methods such as honey, natural, and washed with monitored and extended fermentation periods.

When we find a coffee we like, we work to build a long-lasting relationship with that producer in order to establish a reliable supply chain for the future. We are transparent in our work and aim to have a positive impact in our communities and our people.


Our coffee stands within the highest standards of quality. When our customers purchase from us, they pay for better quality, transparency, social, and environmental sustainability.

Sourcing directly from the coffee growers shortens the supply chain, meaning producers also receive a higher price for their coffee. Not only is the price fairer, but direct trade also allows farmers to be rewarded for superior quality, setting a benchmark in the region for exemplary coffee production.

When working with Maku Coffee, you will get:

  • Direct access to certified and specialty coffee from Nicaragua.
  • The origin story with full traceability and direct impact in local communities.
  • A stable supply of high-quality coffee for the future.
  • The integration with a local team working side by side with the coffee producer, in order to guarantee time consistency in the quality of the green coffee of your choice.


We begin our work at the farm level before the harvest season begins, offering technical assistance and financing to coffee producers. Ensuring quality control of our green coffee is a team effort that starts with every single one of the producers at origin. Without their commitment and hard work during an entire year, the first stage of quality control, which occurs during the picking of the ripe coffee cherries and wet milling, would never be accomplished.

During the harvesting season, we receive wet parchment coffee that has to go through a delicate process of slow sun drying on both raised beds with shade and patios. When first received, each lot is analyzed individually to determine its physical quality (% of defects and moisture). After the sun drying process finishes, we carry out the cupping process of each lot and grade it according to cup quality results. We have a commitment with every one of our producers to be transparent with our lab cupping results, so they are fully aware of the quality and market value of their coffees. Furthermore, we pay our producers based on quality, so the higher the quality of their coffee, the better the price they receive for their crop.

When we have coffee scoring over 86 points, these micro-lots are separated and milled individually. This business model enables our customers to plan ahead and to repeatedly buy according to a particular cup profile, quality level, or price point, as required. We can offer a specific taste profile and quality grade according to the needs or preferences of our clients.


We have established a full traceability system that allows us to identify where every pound of your coffee comes from. From a quality control perspective, the system provides efficient feedback to our producers so they can optimize the efforts done at the farm level.

From our clients’ perspective, it creates the opportunity to forge a deeper relationship with the producers and positively contribute to the economic, social, and environmental impact within the local community.